How to Make a Pitaya Bowl

June 18, 2016 4 Comments

Learning how to make a Pitaya bowl couldn't be easier. Here is a quick video using a basic recipe to make a delicious Pitaya bowl in just minutes.

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Old Bananas Are the New New...

June 14, 2016 4 Comments

Leave No Banana Behind Pitaya Plus Don’t throw away that old banana, there is still greatness within! Learn how old Banana's are just the beginning to many delicious things to come...

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It's Always Earth Day at Pitaya Plus

April 23, 2015 9 Comments

It's that special day to give thanks to Mother Earth and everything she does. It's also a day to step back and see if we can do something for her. Here at Pitaya Plus, we try to take that step every day.

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RAW Foods... Why You So Good To Me?

April 08, 2015 1 Comment

Raw foods are amazing with all the Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes you get. I mean, you can't get all that from pizza? But this isn’t about picking on pizza, this is about how RAW food helps your body grow, fight disease and rebuild your body.

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Fresh vs Frozen... Where Are the Nutrients?

March 12, 2015

To be fresh, or not to be fresh... that is a good question? It's been a long debate on what the big difference is and how to get the most nutrients out of your produce.

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Pitaya 4 The Cure

October 01, 2014

This month, did you know that anytime you buy a Pitaya smoothie pack, smoothie or bowl you're helping us raise money for Breast Cancer Research? That's right!

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How to Grow Dragon Fruit from Our Smoothie Packs

August 11, 2014 55 Comments

Thats right! You can grow your very own Pitaya farm straight from our smoothie packs. You might be wondering how that is even possible...? Well, one of the benefits of producing 100% RAW, USDA Organic smoothie packs is that they are actually still 'alive'!

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Pitaya Flowers Light Up the Night

March 12, 2014

Many people don't know this, but Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) is actually a beautiful flower before it grows into a super fruit. Some refer to it as the Moonflower or Queen of the Night because the Pitaya flower only blooms at night.

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