How to Grow Dragon Fruit from Our Smoothie Packs

August 11, 2014 2 Comments

Thats right! You can grow your very own Dragon Fruit farm straight from our smoothie packs. When you have USDA Organic and Non-GMO certification's, not to mention 100% fruit on your side, seeds from our packs just seem to stay alive and want to grow : )

Follow along below and learn how to grow your very own Dragon Fruit superfruit cactus!


What you'll need for this step by step process:

  • 1 Pitaya Plus Smoothie Pack
  • 1 Seed Starter Kit
  • Pots (Amount depends on how many you plant)
  • Soil for Pots (Amount will vary)
  • Scissors
  • Spoon
  • Water
Leave a single Pitaya Plus pack outside of the freezer until completely thawed.


With a loose grip, hold the pack upright and cut off one of the top corners. Then pour entire pack into a small container.


With a spoon, scoop out as many Dragon Fruit seeds as you'd like and fill in each germination pod. We suggest 10 seeds per pod:)


Once all the pods are full of Dragon Fruit seeds, cover the pods with the humidity dome. The humidity dome holds warm air and moisture to ensure productive growth of the seeds. Having a clear lid also gives the seeds the benefit of sunlight.


Follow the instructions from your seed starter kit on how much and how often to water your pods. Different kits have different requirements:)


After 1-2 weeks you should start seeing your Dragon Fruit growing in each pod.


Once your Dragon Fruit grow big enough, you'll want to move them into bigger pots with new soil.


Follow the instructions on how much and how often to water your Dragon Fruit in the new soil. Again, different brand soils have different requirements:)


After a few more weeks and months... you'll end up with your very own Dragon Fruit farm:)



We hope you liked this fun project. Let us know your thoughts on the story or if you've grown Dragon Fruit before:)
Thank you all for the support and happy gardening!


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