It's Always Earth Day at Pitaya Plus

April 23, 2015 2 Comments

It's that special day to give thanks to Mother Earth and everything she does. It's also a day to step back and see if we can do something for her. Here at Pitaya Plus, we try to take that step every day. So here are a few steps we've taken, and a few others you can take as well:)


Minimal Processing - From the farm to your kitchen, we are proud of the simple and seamless process we use to minimize our carbon footprint. When your product is 100% fruit, USDA organic and Non-GMO Pitaya... why complicate the process. 

Solar Power - We are proud to announce that our fruit processing facility down in Nicaragua is one of the only few in Central America to use solar power technology. By using natural light and turning it into electric power for our facility, we've been able to use 60% less power from traditional electric refinery stations.

The Blender Bike - We've unplugged and blended our smoothies a different, but eco-friendly way:) It takes .2 miles to blend the perfect smoothie on our blender bike. So this year we hope to blend 15,000 smoothies... which is equivalent to biking from Melbourne to Brisbane 3.5 times. 

We are so thankful for everything this earth has given us and we hope everyone can do their part to keep it clean. Earth Day is once a year for some, but it's those that celebrate it everyday that really make a difference. Happy Earth Day!

More Daily Steps

  • Recycle: Believe it or not, many people mess this up. You don't have to raise your hand and plead guilty, just try a little harder to pick the correct bin next time you throw something out.
  • Walk: Put those car keys down and get outside. Plan ahead and expand those lungs. You'll look better in the long run and save mother earth from carbon emissions.
  • Trash: Pick up one piece of trash and throw it out (in the correct bin of course). If everyone in Australia did this once a day, you would eliminate enough trash the size of Victoria.
  • Tote Bags: This does require a minor purchase ($3). This little bag will save you from using over 250 plastic bags a year, as well as save hundreds of trees being destroyed for paper bags.
  • Shorter Shower: Nothing feels better sometimes like a long deserved shower, but every minute the water runs is roughly 5 gallons of fresh water gone. Try to cut your time down:)
  • Junk Paper Mail: The average person receives 40 pounds of junk mail a year wasting countless trees. Signup for services to help reduce the junk mail you receive.
  • Unplug: See that blender you just used to make your Pitaya smoothie or bowl with, yea unplug that. You should also unplug any household devices that aren't regularly used to save an average of 10% of energy usage a year:)

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